Self-Inking stamps

Colop or Trodat  self-inking stamps are multi-purpose plastic bodied models designed for ease and efficiency of use. These stamps do not require a separate inkpad, and are therefore ideal to use for administrative purposes, or where quick repetitive imprints are required.

There are three different types to choose from:

Printer self-inking stamp –  plastic body. This is the most popular and cost-effective model and is available in a number of different colours. It is a light, compact design that is ideal for daily use. (picture)

Classic Line self-inking stamp – metal body.

This sturdier design is ideal for frequent and repetitive use in the office. (picture)

Office self-inking stamp – metal body. A lighter alternative to the Classic line.

Ink colours

We can supply self-inking stamps in a number of colours – black, red, blue, green or violet, as well as blank pads to which you may add specialist inks.

Sizes and Prices

The price of a self-inking stamp is determined by the size of the self-inker you require. For the prices of Printer self-inkers, please click here.

The price range for Classic Line and Office self-inking stamps is higher than those of the Printers.


To order your custom self-inking stamp now, click here.