Dater Stamps

Date stamps are available in several styles and either self inking or used with an inkpad.
As well as a stamp of just the date, daters can be made in combination with your own text or image.

Daters with custom text.

1. Self Inking
There are three different types to choose from:

Printer self-inking dater –  plastic body. This is the most popular and cost-effective model. It is a light, compact design that is ideal for daily use. (picture)

Classic Line self-inking dater – metal body. This sturdier design is ideal for frequent and repetitive use in the office. (picture)

Office self-inking dater – metal body. A lighter alternative to the Classic line.

2. Daters used with an inkpad

P700 Dater – plastic and metal body. This dater design requires a SEPARATE inkpad.
For the P700 dater, please click here for our ink options.


For daters without text there are also self inking and daters used with an inkpad.

Self inking daters

Reiner Dater – Metal body. This is a sturdy model of dater offering a wide range of layouts from printing just the date to textplate with date and even with numbers too!

If the ??? dater or numberer design design is selected it is possible to have a 2 colour ink pad – red for the date/number and blue for your text.

Size and Price



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